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Having viewed our galleries to see our designs take a moment to read about our delicious flavours, how we can cater for dietary requirements & allergies and what sized cake will suit your celebration.

Our Cakes: Welcome

Dietary Requirements & 

For those who have specific dietary requirements we are happy to discuss creating our celebration cakes & cupcakes without gluten.

Our fondant is gluten free, dairy free & vegan. 

We can create cupcakes to cater for diets without dairy & animal products.

Unfortunately, we are unable to create diabetic cakes or nut free cakes at this time.

Please note that all our cakes are created in a kitchen that handles all allergens.

Our Cakes: Text

Our Delicious Flavours!

Our sponge and icing flavours currently available for our cakes & cupcakes are:

  • Vanilla sponge – vanilla buttercream & strawberry/raspberry conserve

  • Lemon sponge – lemon buttercream & lemon curd* 

  • Raspberry sponge – raspberry buttercream & raspberry conserve

  • Coffee sponge – coffee buttercream

  • Salted caramel sponge – salted caramel* & salted caramel buttercream

  • Carrot cake** – vanilla buttercream

  • Chocolate sponge – chocolate buttercream

  • Chocolate orange sponge – chocolate orange buttercream

*These products are not suitable for a vegan diet as they contain egg or milk.

**Only available as a cake flavour at this time.

Our Cakes: About

Our Cakes

All of our standard height cakes are approximately 4" tall and have 3 layers of sponge with your choice of buttercream & conserve or curd between the sponge layers. As shown above.

All of our tall cakes are approximately 6.5" tall and will have 6 layers of sponge with your choice of buttercream & conserve or curd between the sponge layers.

All of our cakes can be finished with buttercream, chocolate ganache, or fondant icing. Our fondant finished cakes all have a thin layer of chocolate ganache under the fondant to ensure a sharp top edge to the cake. An alternative would be a thin layer of buttercream which will give a softer rounded top edge.  

The chocolate ganache, is made from chocolate & double cream & is available in: plain; milk & white chocolate flavours which enhance our delicious sponge & icing flavours.

Our Cakes: About


What sized cake do you need?

We recommend a 2"x1" celebration slice guide for celebration cakes with no other desserts or cakes. If your cake is to compliment a dessert table and for larger gatherings we recommend a 1"x1" finger slice guide therefore doubling the capacity of the cake.
The tables give a conservative guide to both sized slices and allow for unusable sponge e.g. supports in tiered cakes.
Please note: 4" & 5" diameter cakes are only available as top tiers on tiered cakes. Our single tier cakes start at a 6" diameter.

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Like to know more about our Cupcakes & Cakes?

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